Deep Yin

Redefining Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Yin Therapeutic Bodywork is a revolutionary technique that is deep without being aggressive and delivers long-lasting results after just a few sessions. Highly effective for those in pain, recovering from injury or surgery, those suffering from chronic conditions, as well as athletic individuals in need of specialized maintanence work. Try a session and see for yourself how Deep Yin is redefining deep tissue massage.

About Deep Yin

Deep Yin Therapeutic Bodywork is a gentle, non-aggressive style of deep tissue massage that is perfect for clients who need deep, structural bodywork but can't tolerate the pain and discomfort of traditional deep tissue massage or structural integration, also known as rolfing. Deep Yin is highly effective, essentially painless, holistic and it delivers excellent, long-lasting results. It is safe for pregnant women and is gentle enough for clients dealing with chronic pain. If you are tired of feeling sore, achey or generally "beat up" after a typical deep tissue massage, Deep Yin may be a great fit for you. Experience deep tissue massage that works with your body, rather than forcing it. Book a session today and find out for yourself how Deep Yin Therapeutic Bodywork is redefining deep tissue massage.

Meet Dylan

Dylan K. Evans CMT is a highly skilled, experienced & compassionate massage therapist who is passionate about helping people live pain-free, active lives. Dylan has helped people from all walks of life with conditions ranging from chronic pain to injury rehabilitation to improving athletic performance. Dylan is fascinated by human anatomy and enjoys exploring different issues and new ways to help people feel better in their bodies. Below is a list of some of the many conditions Dylan has been successful in helping her clients with:

  • Neck & Head - pain, immobility, headaches, migraines, herniated cervical discs
  • Back & Hips - pain, misalignment, s.i. joint dislocation, sciatica, discomfort in the low or mid-back, scoliosis, herniated discs, recovery from injury/surgery
  • Shoulders - pain, immobility (frozen shoulder), recovery from injury/surgery
  • Arms - tennis & golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel pain, repetitive motion related issues, repetitive stress injuries (R.S.I.)
  • Legs & Feet - immobility, restricted mobility, pain, cramping, recovery from injury/surgery